Type SketchesMonday, February 14, 2011

Like most people I do my best doodling during meetings or phone calls. That's why this section is called “Minutes.”

Because my day job is director of type for Veer I spend a whole lot of time thinking about letterforms, and not surprisingly that has dominated my sketchbook for the past year.

I've collected a few highlights here for your amusement.


Spectacular!!! Very inspiring.

Posted by Corianton Hale  on  02/16  at  12:12 PM

Love this.

Posted by Jalene  on  02/16  at  06:23 PM

Lovely, Joe. Fucking lovely.

Posted by Grant Hutchinson  on  02/17  at  11:02 AM

I love this! I love doodling during meetings too. Sometimes/usually it’s more productive than the meeting itself!

Posted by Connie  on  02/25  at  10:56 AM

I think the literal part of your mind is focused on the meeting and that allows your creative mind more freedom. My favorite kind of multi-tasking!

Posted by JOE  on  02/25  at  10:54 PM

And I should say, thanks all for the lovely comments.

Posted by JOE  on  02/25  at  10:56 PM

so dam inspiring. thanks for sharing.

Posted by jennifer  on  03/16  at  06:41 AM

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

Posted by Damaris  on  08/09  at  07:24 PM

I LOVE your work. I consistently discover new and exciting foundries and fonts through you and your wonderful stuff. (I actually had the pleasure of attending Ken Barber’s class (Type at Cooper) and you were in it, too.)

Keep on doing what you’re doing! It is so inspiring!

Posted by Laura Zito  on  01/13  at  02:34 PM

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