Obama Poster Election Fundraiser

Obama Poster Obama, fundraiser, letterpress, poster, wood type, Woodside, press, Davin Kuntze, Joe Newton, Joseph Newton, design, patriotic

This letterpress poster, created in collaboration with Davin Kuntze at Woodside Press, was produced to raise funds the Obama campaign. We sold the prints on Etsy for $20 each, donating all the proceeds to the campaign. 

It was an interesting project for me, having never designed a poster entirely with wood (and a little metal) type. You can not just make something a little bigger or smaller (as you can on a computer). The type is the size it is, and there is limited choice of other similar type in other sizes. We started at about 6 or 7 one evening and finished at about 4 in the morning, exhausted, but pleased with the results.